Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Knitting By The Numbers

Noro Taiyo is working up rather well. Perhaps it is because of the research prior to casting on. Ravelry is a miracle. Access to world wide use of a specific yarn, reading notes by knitters far and wide, checking out the photos - - it all works. I am convinced that this marvelous social community is the secret to the ease of designing my new math-terpiece.

My current worry is how much positive ease to write into the pattern. And I am thinking that finishing this first version and actually putting in on several bodies will help with the decision.

Because this v-neck will be sleeveless and the cotton content of the Taiyo makes it particularly suited to summer temperatures, the thought of zero (0) ease is winning out. Something a little snug, but not tight. Too much ease and that cotton can get rather sloppy and ill fitting.

So, the work continues. Are the needles producing what my mind's eye sees? Will anyone like it? Will I like it? Questions and worry and fret.

Pass the chocolate, please.

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