Saturday, October 17, 2009

Amusing Result

It is finished. This is all that is left from the left over FLS projects. To my way of thinking, this amusing vest is a free project - as the cost of the Ming went under the lady sweater budgets.

I'm loving the v-neck on the front.

Loving, also, the dark triangle shape that slims the waist.

Totally happy with the seed stitch at arm openings and neck. No additional finishing required.

The back is also fun. That top neck line of the back is ribbed all the way across. No gaps due to mis-judging the fit. Hey, when everything is organic and made up on the fly one must use all the available stitches possible to mitigate gauge issues.

Yes, I love the Amusing result of knitting with no pattern. That Knitting Muse - she is a marvelous lady!

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