Friday, December 11, 2009

French Press Felted Slipper Bandwagon

Wow! Super! Voila! Amazing! I could keep going. Jump on the bandwagon and get thee to a purchase page for the French Press Felted Slippers. Click those words for the Etsy link. Purchase on Ravelry. Just get this pattern.

I have drunk the koolaid - so to speak. While her majesty Stephanie tempted all with her exploits, I just had to join the fray. Let's pause and lift a mug of mulled wine to Melynda and this pattern for a life time.

Thought #1 - gotta love a designer who encourages using coupons and sales to pad the knitting stash
Thought #2 - gotta love Melynda for admitting to purchasing her yarn at Michael's - where felting Paton's yarn is plentiful
Thought #3 - gotta love a quick to knit brilliant pattern
Thought #4 - gotta love a pattern that, owing to the final felt process, allows for sewing mishaps
Thought #5 - gotta love Melynda for admitting that stitching up holes during felting is perfectly acceptable
Thought #6 - gotta love Melynda for writing a well detailed pattern filled with tips, hints and guidelines for success

Here is my first attempt in mid-sewing process. Time line? Everyone wants the time line. I actually did check the clock and am pleased to report the following:
  • 7:45 print pattern and look for left over wool in the stash
  • 8:00 prepare coffee
  • 8:05 cast on
  • 8:15 start cooking red beans even though it is not Monday; keep knitting
  • 8:30 pause knitting to prevent boil over
  • 8:31 - 9:00 knit and stir, knit and stir - do not confuse utensils
  • 9:00 pause resulting from coffee consumption; refill mug with more coffee
  • 9:10 play with bird; prep apple for bird; stir beans; read pattern
  • 9:30 welcome house cleaners who make it easy to spend the day knitting
  • 9:35ish get back to knitting
  • 10:48 Finé! As in done. No more knitting
  • 10:49 Read pattern looking for more to knit. Flip through printed pages. Go back to Ravelry purchase and wonder what went wrong.
  • 10:55 Gloat. Admit that less than three hours of interrupted knitting can produce everything required for felted slippers. Celebrate with another mug of coffee
  • 11:00 - 1:30 Get all spiffy, put on skirt, sweater and big girl shoes; head out to holiday luncheon; celebrate
  • 1:35 Return home and gloat again; start sewing
  • 2:00 Forget all about nice seams and just get the sewing over with! Hide the ends; weave; stare in amazement
  • 2:10 Play with dog; rub dog belly; love the dog
  • 2:20 Start felting
  • 2:40 Give up on the washing machine and do the final felting to fit by hand.
  • 3:00 Gloat; gloat more than at 10:45; stare in amazement.
Set slippers and straps on counter to dry.

Forget that! Hunt up fancy rack that goes in dryer and put that machine on high for 80 minutes to speed up the drying! What is a little gas and electricity in the grand scheme of new felted slippers? I want them totally dry by the morning.

Needless to say, much of the evening has been spent in the button stash looking for the ideal match.

PS - that cotton string on the insole of the right slipper is to remind me that it is the right slipper - not the left slipper.

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