Thursday, December 17, 2009

There Is Something In The Air

The front is now off the needles. I had a few blessed hours alone with no commitment nor pressing 'to do' item that could interfere with the knitting.

I am always amazed that when one concentrates on only one thing at a time, it gets done with quick efficiency. So efficient was I that my first thought was to cast on for the sleeves and get the ribbing under way. After ten minutes of searching for the right needles, they were located. Naturally, the circs I need for working ribbing on two sleeves at the same time are exactly the circulars that are here on the Aestlight.

The edging is half done on the shawl, but my brain is not in gear for ending something. I need the thrill of a beginning.

At least I own marvelous red shoes! They make me happy, even when juggling needles is a pain.

1 comment:

  1. I'm flying through a color-work hat, so I know what you mean about how far a few, uninterrupted hours can go. It's always a temptation though to put a hold on the to-dos and slip in just a bit more time.

    Yes, those are FABULOUS red shoes!