Sunday, December 6, 2009

Artistry in Yarn

Pure artistry. There is no other way to describe the scene that greeted me to my left. There I sat, proudly wearing my knit skirt which, owing to wearing it on the lower portion of my body, was hidden below a table.

But just look at the beauty near me.

Pretend that you are sitting down and give a glance to the left. Here you are peeking at a Swirl Shawl. Offers were made - and not necessarily in jest. Well done and lovely in jewel tones.

Check out the middle. Wrapped around that blue turtleneck is Aestlight. This blue version just happens to be the fourth incarnation by the same hands. The joke is that the knitter has made so many because she "just loves making garter triangles." I find that absolutely hilarious. Loves making garter triangles! Who says knitters don't have a sense of humor.

And then in the upper portion of the photo is a superb v-neck pullover. Check out the lovely work on the sleeves.

Pure artistry. Spending time with other yarn-a-holics is so inspiring. So absolutely inspiring that I am pleased to report that my needles also boast of a work in progress. Yep, this here is my Aestlight. You will note that the garter triangle is all finished and I am on to the better portions.

Gee, it does not look like much when it is all squished up. But it is, I assure you, artistry in yarn.

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