Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Knitted Sample Becomes Blanket

A screaming bird is not always the best sound produced by nature. And when the screams are not of joy, irritation and bafflement result. Constant screaming is exactly what this bird mother dealt with post holiday.

Upon returning home and placing Bert back in his cage, all manner of discomfort began. He was one very vocal and upset bird. Fresh food, scrubbed water bowl, light bath, free flight....all to no avail. Total misery for both of us.

What is a mother to do? In these busy and occasionally stressful weeks leading up to the big gifting, it is often appropriate to pre-gift. And that is exactly what this mom did. A quick dive into the stash of look what I knit in that class produced a lovely mitered sample just the right size to become a bird blanket.

Bert loves his new blankie. He talks to it. He hides under it. He sleeps on it.

Look carefully at this photo. Thinking me stupid, he even tried to hide the nuts and fruits so that I'll break into a fresh banana. Ah! The wonderful joys of a new knitted present.

PS - screaming has stopped.


  1. Bert knows which is the hand that feeds him, and kudos for him for being so smart as to hide food for a better banana with his new blankie. Precious ~Joan