Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Aestlight Delight

The Aestlight is done. Totally finished and dry.

This is just mystery stash cotton blend that seemed appropriate for something lacy. Unfortunately, this yarn was bought at an auction and there is no way to backtrack and tell the name. Does that make the better name Mysterious Morning Light? Or better yet, a simple Mysterious Morning.

The name does not matter at all. For this Aestlight is a delight.

Please notice that during blocking much attention was given to the pattern caution to pay special notice to the points of the edging. Each point was pinned tightly and with some effort at precision.

The blocking & pinning was definitely necessary on this cotton fiber. Every bit of the edging curled up and looked a mess during the making.

And here am I, proving for all that a subtle yarn with variegation or short color changes is absolutely the choice for this pattern.

FORGET THE BUMP. That's right. Pay no attention to the bump occurring on the back of my shoulder. Just poor planning when the photo was snapped. The lovely garter center triangle is perfectly blocked. I guarantee.

Thoughts on Aestlight:
Easy center garter followed by simple openwork and ending with edging that lets the mind focus.
The pattern is flexible enough for cotton - but if I do another I will definitely use something with more bounce.
The YOs at the edge of the triangle are quite fun to pick of and head off in another direction.
Actually, the pattern has one knitting in several different directions so it is a good learning project.

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