Monday, December 14, 2009

French Press Slipper - NOT

And now for the rest of the story. The French Press Slippers are just wonderful. Even the light colored wool felted. Buying the stuff that has "for Felted projects" written on the label is a smart move.

A few friends have struggled with white and lack of felting. So I am extremely pleased.

Slippers should not slip. At least not slip on hard surface flooring. I have always assumed, although I have done no research to confirm my position, that slippers are so named because one's feet slip so easily into the design. Not because the soles slip while walking. There could be a long and involved history - if so, please let me languish in ignorance and carry on with my little assumption.

As a first try (and a fast no-shopping-involved solution) the puffy paint made an appearance on the soles. Go ahead and call the heart design on the heel area saccharine. Won't bother me. I was in a girly mood.

I am worried that the puffy paint will too easily flake off. It is a risk. If it happens, I'll be forced to go out and procure that sticky stuff that makes tool handles non-slip. But I am worried that the limited color range will offend my sense of style and clash with these first slippers. That has the potential to start a vicious cycle where more wool shopping - to coordinate with the sticky stuff - will be required, which means another few hours to make a new pair of slippers just so I can use the really sticky stuff so the the new slippers do not slip.

It is a never ending vicious cycle. Why do I love it so?

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