Saturday, January 2, 2010

Practical Knitting

The FFO (first finished object) of 2010 is a practical knit.  Once again, the basic knitted dishcloth pattern has rescued me from disorganization.  The pattern is all over the web and Ravelry and may be so ingrained into the knit community as to be almost part of every knitter's genetic code.

A trick, which I have successfully used in the past, it to make two exactly the same size to make a bag for stuff.

The current stuff needing to be organized is an external drive for the laptop with associated USB cord.  The plan is simple.  Make two squares exactly the same and then, utilizing a crochet hook, slip stitch together on three sides through the  eyelets.  Crochet up a sturdy chain - or make an i-cord - long enough to use as a tie.  Weave the chain around the eyelets at the top.

Voila!  A quick and fantastic bag for stuff. 

Try a tiny one for lipstick & mirror.
Consider one for collecting loose change.
Make one for protecting peripherals when you need to toss them into a larger bag.

No matter the use - very practical knitting.  

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