Monday, November 30, 2009

Beagle Scarf Pattern Review

By now you may have thumbed through the Nora Gaughan Men Collection from Berroco. These designs are really nice. As in great and timeless nice. The Beagle design is presented in both a pullover and a scarf. This past football weekend I knitted up a bit of the scarf as a shop sample.

This is it here - unblocked of course.

The pattern indicated that this is an easy project. And I agree. Frankly, it would be a great teaching pattern for something to do after the ubiquitous garter knitting.

Once the knitter has worked about two inches, the instructions can be set aside and you just get on with the business of reading the stitches and repeating the work. Four rows with a bit of ribbing in the middle broken up by twisted stitches. Yep, this would be a superb second project for any beginner. And it is a quick knit for those with flying fingers!

The ribbed center section that includes the twisted stitches makes the scarf quite pliable for wrapping and twisting. The double moss panels give structure so that the whole thing does not mush down into a two inch wide tunnel of hotness whilst leaving portions of the neck exposed.

This is a great knit. So I am thinking that all of the other patterns in this collection are equally fantastic.


  1. I was wondering about the men's patterns. Thanks for the review I think I'll give the Beagle sweater a try.

  2. That is a handsome scarf for a man. I have to check out that book. Thanks Lenora.