Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tangled Mess

If you read the post from last week, you know I was stash diving for purple.  That search was fruitless.

Look what I did find! A wad of cotton and a ball of black.  Yippie for me.  

As it turns out, I need to knit up a sample for a Knit-A-Long.  Cotton will work great.  And since the cotton has a twist of orange & black, the solid will ground the whole thing.

Don't go asking what the KAL is.  I can't divulge that just yet.  Samples must be finished.  Words must be written.  Options and suggestions need documentation.  And then, in a few months all will be revealed to those who need to know.

PS - and it only took 15 minutes to untangle what turned out to be three balls of the twisty cotton.

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