Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Invited To Secret Action

With some delight, an offer came my way.  A simple sheet of folded paper, passed to under a table held the invitation and a set of instructions.  A nod of the affirmative and my mind was off and racing.

This is all that I can share.  I know it is not much and it only gets you to wondering what deed is afoot.  Lets just say that the final item will include contributions from many people.  Each one invited to participate has unique artistic skills that will all merge together.

The instructions are simple: 
  • Square 
  • Twelve inches per side  
  • A due date that allows for artistic dithering. 
The opportunity to join others and bring a moment happiness to some good people has brought on the zen.  I'm relaxed, working at a mellow pace and smiling.

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