Friday, March 7, 2014


It can not be March.  Not already.  What happened to February?  Oh, well.  I shall just look at the daily calendar and pretend that I am up-to-date and on task.

Speaking of tasks, last week offered a block of time to work on the second blanket of 2014.  I doubt that March will provide such luxury, so part deux might not see much hook time for a while.

The FPDC stitches really stand out against the plain single crochet background.  And I love that the raised stripes run at 90 degrees to the bands of color. 

A rather thorough stash dive (and a bit of organizing - it is Spring, don't ya know) proved that my supply of purple is greatly diminished.  I did find one bag filled with about 1100 yards of light lilac cotton.  That's enough for a nice tank, tee or even skirt so it will remain "off limits" for the acrylic blanket.  Other than that one find, there was nothing. 

The upcoming LA Yarn Crawl has me excited about hunting for just the right purple to use and the final edging of this afghan.  It is all about the hunt! So watch out Los Angeles yarn stores.  Miss Lenora is on a mission!

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