Thursday, March 20, 2014

Round To It

Plastic shopping bags are a thing of the past in my area.  There is a charge for paper bags.  Many people are now saying, "no thanks," tucking their purchases under their arm or in a pocket and walking out of the store.  My approach is different. 

The trunk of my car is loaded with no less than 6 - 7 shopping bags.  Different shapes, different sizes and even a few of the insulated types.  Add in that I frequent a Farmer's Market weekly and shopping bags are always coming into the house and returning to the car trunk. 

The ones that I use for fresh veggies and fruit (especially at the Market) are all washable.  The ones that I use for meats can be wiped out with anti-everything wipes.  Now that we are expected to reuse over and over, I don't want the germs and bacteria to re-touch over and over.  I'm not overly weird about it.  It is just that in the past, we could toss out the unseen and now we are expected to reuse. 

 I got around to making a new market bag.  It is made from this free pattern which is so wonderful that it gives the option for a small or slightly larger size and two different handle options.  The designer even gives two suggestions for the side stitches. 

The bottom starts out just like a top down hat, which is not my favorite thing to knit. 

The bag itself works up rather quickly if your have a few evenings in front of the telly.  I decided to make the smaller size which still holds a lot of veggies because it is so stretchy.

The cotton sides and acrylic bottom/rim/strap can be washed in cold water without harm.  If I have to reuse it, I will re-clean it!

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