Monday, March 24, 2014

Mother Nature Wins Every Time

This is a blog about yarns.  Some of the yarns are fiber related.  Some of the yarns are a good story.  I try not to get too preachy, but every now and again my natural tendency takes over.

This is our new pet, Brazen Squirrel.  Brazen (notice how we don't call the creature BS) earned the name. 

Our Westside condo is in an area edging (or right on top of, depending on your political persuasion) a wetland.  I'm all about nature and protecting species and not leaving trash and etc, etc, etc.  After all I did grow up in Louisiana where the swamp primeval still exists in all of its glory.   Also in Louisiana is False River.  It got that name because it once was the Mississippi River until Mother Nature had her way with the land and cut a new river channel leaving False River as a separate body of fresh water.  Sometimes, even with the intervention of humanity, nature can not be controlled.

So, Brazen Squirrel lives in the urbanized modernized fancy-ized edge of a wetland and is doing just fine.  There is a whole hoard of 'em running around and staying fat and sassy.  I think that our Brazen is always the same little varmint, but perhaps they take turns showing up on the balcony, standing on the arm of the wicker chair and begging for tidbits. 

I know enough not to get started feeding the critters and I don't even leave water out for them.  But now Brazen hides stolen treats in the pot plants.  One of the landscape plants on the north of the balcony has been producing tasty spring treats, which, might have started this cycle of cuteness  brazen begging.  Toss in a near by pine tree springing into new growth and I live in squirrel heaven.  It can't be that I (not being always in my right thinking mind) pick up the rug that sits under Bert's cage and therefore catches left over macaw seeds and shake it out over the edge of the balcony.  Surely not!

PS  I've learned my lesson - - no more rug shaking outside.  Mother Nature Wins Every Time.

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