Thursday, March 13, 2014

Destined For Sunny Days

Finally, the new summer top is done.  The endless rounds of boredom have ended and I still have a modicum of sanity.

The pattern worked well, but I did a few modifications.  My waist shaping was modest.  Had I been thinking with wisdom, I'd have considered that more severe shaping would have been better due to the tendencies of cotton.

The length was my own choosing, so naturally I love the length.  Hopefully the llama in the blend will prevent the cotton from shrinking up too much.

The pattern suggested that after satisfying a certain number of stitches on the sleeves, that 20 - 30 more rounds be worked prior to ribbing.  I did not do any additional rounds and jumped straight from the underarm increases to the ribbing.  And it is perfect for me.

I'm going to soak this before wearing.  Red always seems to run a bit and steam might not be enough to put my mind at ease.

1 comment:

  1. Very cute sweater! Hope you wear it to El Segundo Slipt Stitchers on Saturday!