Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New Obsession

Coral.  My new obsession.  Crocheted coral and those creatures that live amongst the reefs consume me.  For the next month I shall be focused.

It started with an article that appeared in a newsletter.  A group to which I belong was offered the chance to knit or crochet pieces that will combine to make a coral reef.  That's right.  A fiber coral reef.

  The concept goes back a few years.  To fully understand what is being attempted, check out this Margaret Wertheim video.  Caution:  math is involved; crochet saves the day!

My first efforts are already turned in.  And the group members have a month to keep on knitting and crocheting.   Count me in.

And yes, I will conquer the hyperbolic crochet.  (Don't know what that is?  Watch the video.)

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