Friday, February 7, 2014

Color Makes Me Smile

Yes, the crochet coral reef project still is my #1 go to work.  But look at this swath of happiness:

These rainbow colors make me happy.  There can be no depression when this is in my lap.  My only worry is that the work will soon end.  Since this is a sample, I don't feel right about wearing it before handing it off.

But I will want to wear it and experience all the joy that this Mini Mochi has to offer.  FYI, I'm working it on a size 7 crochet hook.  That might be a tad off label, but this gauge looks fabulous.

Check out stripes of another color.  This bit of knitting is only for me.  When it is completed I get to wear it as often as I choose without guilt.

Those sparkly bits are sequins that are part of the solid yarn that just happens to be a DK.  The alternating stripes that have the color change are from a beloved sock yarn that I've saved for years. This wants to be something for the neck area, but right now it is still deciding how it wants to be shaped.

Happy Stripes!

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