Monday, February 24, 2014

After The Lace

The summer pullover now looks like the beginnings of a top down.  The round doughnut phase has passed and the l.o.n.g. stockinette round-and-round has begun.  It makes for great TV knitting - - if there were something interesting to watch for hours and hours.  I'm only 3.5" into the body and already I am totally caught up with the DVR.  Now what?

It seemed appropriate to do something to occupy my thoughts during this long stretch of boredom.  Waist shaping is not something that I normally do owing to the fact that I don't really have a waist.  I'm told that is why waist shaping is done - - all illusion.

So, I added a bit of soft shaping.  This should help to control the cotton's desire to grow in width and, hopefully, give an illusion that I am still young and with some evidence of shape.  Three times over twelve rounds, I tossed in side decreases.  That was not much to think about, but better than nothing.

This is a good time to show how the lace yoke worked out.  After determining a center front point (blue arrow pointing to green marker in photo), the rest was on faith.    Check out the green arrow.  It indicates the bottom point of the side lace which exactly lines up with the beginning of the under arm area.   It does the same on both sides of the front. 

I love it when such perfection happens. 

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