Monday, February 10, 2014

Catch Up Day

 Let the obsession continue.  Here is my latest contribution for the coral reef project.  This hyperbolic crochet came out great!  It was fun and fast to work up with stash yarn.  If you want to give it a try, click on over to this blogger to discover how it is done.

I used fingering yarn with an H crochet hook.  The mass is a color changing wool with a long repeat.  The final row is a solid color that really pops. 

This is the collection of initial contributions for the project.  My first offerings are in there and I look forward to adding more.

In flipping through past posts, I discovered that photos of final projects are missing. 

Here is Flo.  I've already worn it several times and am thrilled with the fit and the flirt.  Since it is February, I've worn it with bright red underneath. 

It might also look fine worn over a brilliant blue.  White would be an option but I don't wear white.  All of the work disappears when black is underneath, so I nixed that idea really fast.

Speaking of wearing red, Dewdrop also looks great when worn over red.  This shawl came out deep enough for me, but it is not quite wide enough.  I like to wrap generously.

A shawl pin has solved the width issue.  I'm glad that I added a bead to each picot on the edging because that little bit of weight helps the open edge to hang well.

So that is it.  Updates are now complete.  Have a nice day!

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