Wednesday, February 19, 2014

But It Was On SALE

A fabulous sale and my resolve to produce one blanket/afghan per year withered and melted away.  Yes, Ida was finished quite early in the year because I cheated and started it in late 2013 and I loved how it was evolving and I wanted to take it to its new home. 

So really, I should have been thrilled  patted my self on the back for months while planning for next year.

But then these very nice folks had a sale.  Not just a sale, but certain yarns that were taking up shelf space were put in the back corner for $3.00 per ball.

Three dollars!   How could I leave the stuff there.   I bought eleven balls of a DK acrylic and figured that I could use it for charity work when machine washable/dryable fiber is required.

This is very easy single crochet with FPDC spaced evenly across the width.  It is working up very fast and requires no pattern reading. 

There is enough yarn to make at least two baby blankets.  Or maybe a twin size. 

I can't believe that I'll make more than one blanket this year.  A sale combined with a need presented a temptation too great to resist.

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