Friday, February 21, 2014

Button Quandary

Knit, wash, block.  Blah, blah, blah.  Same old story.

Skip ahead to the quandary.

Josie Vest had been in my sights for a few years.  After reading the notes from others on Ravelry and seeing the final results of knitters around me, I made a tactical decision that had a known consequence.  The vest requires 24+ buttons.  Buttons have weight.  The decision that I made was to knit the vest using fingering weight linen rather than the pattern preferred sport weight.  The fingering weight worked on a large needle leave very little support for sewing on buttons.

What to do?  What button has almost no weight? Especially when multiplied by 25 buttons.  Yep, a quandary for sure.

Enter the Hiya Hiya stitch marker that looks like a little ball of yarn!  Maybe it is my warped sense of humor, but I find that putting little balls of yarn on a hand knit item to be great fun.  Those in the know will understand.  Those who live outside of the yarn world will not even blink.  I'm OK with that.

For right now, the markers are just pulled around two threads and slipped back over the ball part.  I am still deciding on the final color placement.  Once finalized, each one will need to be tacked into place so that no drooping occurs.

I wore the vest to Knit Nite and received much admiration (The vest was admired - not just me.  But I did make the thing and that should count for some kudos.)
Because of the "unconstructed" construction of the vest, it can be re-buttoned and worn in many different ways.  I am still discovering the possibilities.

PS - do please notice that this grey linen looks great with the 2014 color. 

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