Friday, February 1, 2013

A Shawl By Any Name

 The little shawls are complete.  A knit and a crochet version of the same idea. 

Citron, the knit version, is all stockinette.  Lace weight worked on a US #6 makes for a sheer fabric.  Critron, the crochet version, is all single crochet.  Lace weight throughout, I did get a more sheer fabric by increasing hook size (F, G & H) as the piece grew.

Here is the Critron.  It is all ready for its life as a sample for a K/CAL (knit/crochet a-long) for a local guild.  This was a slow project.  It seemed to take forever.  The fact that I never had time to buckle down and just get it done might have something to do with my impression of the piece.  The drape is nice with this Just Our Yarns Almaza.  I'm very glad that I changed gauge throughout and that helped with the final size and the drape.

 And the knit Citron has very much the same look.  The stockinette is very sheer and the overall effect can only be described as gossamer.  By sticking to the short timeline for getting this sample completed and blocked, I was able to finish the whole thing in eight days.  That is fast, even for me. 

Drape on the knit version is not an issue.  It uses half the amount of yarn (there is that pesky wrapping of crochet stitches).  This one is made from Grignasco Merinosilk 25. 

 I tried to get a good photo that compares the sheerness of the plain sections and the semi-circle bands of the ruched sections.

Hopefully, the guild members will have as much fun making one of these as I had making the two.  

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