Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Different Kind of Progress

Busy, busy times with the stash.  The upcoming Guild auction reminded me that it is time for the grand spring fluffing of the stash.  I do try to give the whole thing a once over about twice a year.  After all, stash diving is a skill that must be honed and practiced.  It keeps one at the ready for those wonderful LYS mega sales!

I am pleased to report that the pattern files are staying organized.  To a degree at least.  The new stuff is piling up on top of the old but it all fits on the shelf.  And that should count for a lot! 

I am not accepting comments about the three piles of new magazines & books that are still on my desk.  Those don't count.  It only counts if I actually try to put the new pattern books into the stash closet.  So - what is in the closet is staying organized and that is the end of that.

A nice selection is set aside for the auction.  It includes some left over bits that will play well with others - such as 1.5 skeins of Frog Tree alpaca.

There is also a goodly amount of Louisa Harding Kashmir DK from the famous daughter dress.

It was almost painful, but I am also sending 800+ yards of Lamb's Pride to the auction.  It is gray.  The wool, not the auction.  Gray is the new black and this would make a lovely cardigan for the fall, but. . .   It needs a new home.

Naturally, there is much that remains in the personal stash.  It turns out that the stash includes an entire tub of Twisted Sisters yarns!  Including about 1200 yards of a marvelous Wasabi color.  A whole tub of yarns from the same dyers is not too much, is it? 

Notice that I am a safety stasher.  First, all like  yarn (color AND dye lot) are sealed in a plastic bag.  Then, the bags are locked into plastic storage tubs.  In general, I try to have like yarns in the same tub, but it varies with my mood.  The tub in the background became all of the Twisted Sisters yarn.  Did you notice the pink bag-o-wasabi which needed two plastic bags to contain it all?

Because of my double plastic storage method, I try to toss and fluff the stuff twice yearly.  I figure that the yarn needs to breathe real air and I need to be on the lookout for invaders. 

So - lots of progress, just not knitting or crocheting.  I did stop when I reached this part of the closet.
This is the Black Hole of the stash.  Somewhere in this foreboding corner (it goes all the way behind the file drawers) is a bag-o-Berroco.  I just can't deal with it this morning.

Maybe after lunch.

Maybe someone (that's a hint, dear reader) will take pity on me and arrive at my door with the energy to tackle the Black Hole.

THAT'S IT.  I need a free range Stash Fairy to visit me.  Oh, wouldn't that be fantastic?!

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