Saturday, March 24, 2012

Piece Work

One piece at a time.  I fiddled with this project far too long.   When other things became boring, I worked on it.  But it is finally completed and I can proudly proclaim to all who will listen that I an not 100% focused on knitting and crocheting. 

I have other interests.

Take for instance, this project that I pieced together.

This project is made from cardboard - NOT yarn.

It is a puzzle.  A very nice puzzle that was quite fun and I'm thankful that the family let me work on it all by my lonesome.  Some days I could not tell one red from another and the fancy's were quite similar in color.  The green eyelash brought back memories of the many skeins that I knitted.
Click to enlarge this photo of the main section and you can see the individual puzzle pieces.

See - I do have other interests. 

Now, where are my needles???

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