Monday, March 5, 2012

Monochromatic Me

My family might laugh at the mere though of moi and a monochromatic beige/neutral color scheme.  After all, my best looks center around teal, jade & merlot with loads of black tossed in for variety.  Beige?  No thank you.

But, with a bit of inspiration from my color muse herself, I set my self a goal of attempting something "not me."  And as long as the attempt was going to be not me, it does not even include yarn.
'Tis a bracelet.  Filled with beige, tan and almost brown buttons, this fast afternoon project has a different look from every angle - so I like it.  This bracelet & I are not in love - just in like.  Try as I might, the single color scheme of blandness does nothing for me.

Mind you, I did wear this out to lunch over the weekend.  While lifting my iced tea glass, I became aware that a fellow restaurant patroness paused mid walk and cast her eye upon my wrist.  So, perhaps there are some in this wide world who love a wrist full of beige.

But I digress.

The instructions, should you be tempted to finally do something with grandma's button jar:
  • Wide elastic.  I used 1"; you use what ever makes you happy.
  • Lots of buttons.  Most of these are small - the size of shirt buttons.  You'll need more buttons than you think.  Don't be miserly!
  • The unexpected.  My unexpected were a few dimensional beads and one stray metal button.
  • Needle
  • Thread
Work on a flat piece of elastic.  For this one, I started in the middle and worked toward the ends.  Using short lengths of thread, sew on three or four buttons.  Try to cover the elastic when it is not stretched.  As you get to the ends of the elastic, overlap and sew through both thicknesses and continue to fill in the space.

That is the whole thing.  Since elastic is stretchy (bet you did not sense that coming) this will stretch easily over the hand and slip into place.  Naturally, you can custom size to the intended wearer.    Try it - you might just like it.

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