Thursday, April 5, 2012

COBO - or traveling stitches

It is important to have a "little" project on the needles at all times.  I know better, but this week caught me unprepared when a sudden day trip was offered. 

Oh sure, there is the summer cardigan still in the working pile.  But that is at a point where decreasing occurs on the arm hole edge at one rate whilst the decreasing for the front shaping occurs at the same time but at a different rate.  Not my idea of fun when trying to hold in the elbows, knit and count rows at the same time.

The silk still needs shoulder seams, little sleeves and the bottom edge.  But who wants to sew seams in a moving car?  And then pick up stitches?  PU!  Not I.

What I needed was a new project - traveling stitches that take up just a little room, require no brain work, don't need row tracking and still can bring delight to ones traveling companions.

Enter COBO, a little traveling stitches project.  I'm not entirely sure what it is.  This is either a fringed and beaded edging for some future project that will fit with the color scheme or it is a narrow beaded and fringed scarf that will not keep anyone warm but will cause looks of jealousy and envy each time it is worn.

This is Crystal Palace Sausalito  in the aptly named color: 8107 Fall Herbs. 

The pattern is really simple - just slow going.  But, like all good patterns, it does need a name.  So, for ever more, let this be know as:

String a gazillion beads on yarn
Cast On 24 stitches
R 1  *Place bead, Bind Off 12 stitches,  knit to the end  (bead will be at end of fringe)
R 2   Knit 12, Cast On 12 stitches.
R 3   Bind Off 12 stitches, knit to the end
R 4   Knit 12, Cast On 12 stitches.
Repeat these 4 Rows.  Bead is placed at end of every 2nd fringe.

All I need now is another road trip!

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