Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Really Churning It Out

Let's just admit right up front that the photo leaves much to be desired.  But the thing that it represents deserves admiration from all who read these words and try to see what I see in the photo representation.

Miles and miles of knitting!  Well, maybe not miles, but a whole heap of little stitches lined up like soldiers marching in a straight line toward a destination.  And that destination is a  lovely double decrease - centered of course - that mimics a side seam.

The summer short sleeved cardigan was slow in the "get go" but is now flying along.  I pulled this out the other day, determined to make progress on too much stockinette and suddenly the only thing that my brain and fingers wanted was to see the stitches fly from one needle to the other. 

In just a day (OK, maybe a long day) of sitting still this fabric grew in length by about four inches.  This Cajun was on over drive!   Having made such progress in one day, I no longer fear the sixteen inches needed until it is time to divide and conquer the arm hole shaping. 

Yep.  I am going to be ready for summer.  Yippie!

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