Friday, March 9, 2012

Head Hung In Shame

Dear Reader,

Envision me with head hung low in shame.  I have misled you.   Recently, as recent as this post, it is possible that yours truly let flow a rant over a pile of yarn that was not growing.  The point of the post was my learning to relax with a calm repetitive crochet.  Within those words was stress.

How did I lead you astray?  Why is my head hung in shame?  I lied to you.  Yes,  a big old fashioned lie.  That pile of yarn that is not becoming a dinner worthy pullover fast enough has NO cashmere.  I am truly humbled that this morning, in a more calm and relaxed "forget the deadline" mode, it is clear that said non-cooperative yarn is silk and mohair!  Mohair is nothing like cashmere.

Mohair is of course from the Angora goat.
Cashmere is absolutely not from the Angora goat.

This yarn is lovely and I have cherished it in the stash for a few years.  The yarn has done nothing wrong - nothing at all.  Well, other than be the slowest knit on planet earth when there was an event coming up and why will it not knit itself into a whole dinner worthy pullover in three days. . . .  Oops.  Once again I digress.  The specifics:  from Artfibers, Casanova is 50% Tussah Silk/38% Mulberry Silk/ 12% Mohair (NOT cashmere).

So, when the yarn jumps back into my lap and decides to get to knittin' it will need a partner.  The pullover that is not yet finished will want to have a contrast hem added on.  Perhaps, gentle reader, you have an opinion.

 Option 1 is not flashy but it is contrasty.  A muted green (this in spite of my skills at exposure on photo) that picks up on a most subtle shade within the yarn.

What do you think?  Too much contrast or enough for interest?  Too dull or calm enough to let the main color stand as the focus?

Option 2 is flashy and contrasty.  This is a silver that can hold its own against anything.

What about it?  Too wild or just enough over the top to speak volumes?  Does it fight with the main body or will it complete the look?

While your opinion, dear reader, is valued, there is much time for the decision.  The dinner has been cancelled and so this one will have its premiere at a later date.   After all, that is how these projects become UFOs!

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