Monday, March 19, 2012

Little Progress Due to Spring Illness

Not much progress to report.  Not on the crochet blanket.  Not on the silk/mohair pullover.  The lack of progress is due to a certain Spring time illness.  I should have seen this one coming.  All the signs were in the air.
  • A certain shift in the normal look of things.
  • Friends unavailable for spur of the moment outings.
  • Electronic and snail mail unread.
  • Shaking hands.
  • That certain itch.
Each of these foretold the illness.  Finally I had to give in and just let the bug run its course.  After all, it is almost officially Spring and some times it becomes impossible to ignore the symptoms.

Yes, it is true.  I have a terrible case of Spring Start-itus. 
  • Fresh yarns appeared at the local LYS.
  • Friends were casting on like mad
  • I'd get caught up in the latest issue of one magazine and forget that three more were waiting for attention.
  • My hands were shaking in anticipation.
  • I was itching to start something new!

What about you?  Have you caught the bug?

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