Monday, October 17, 2011


The slippers are completed but not photo worthy as they are just utilitarian slippers awaiting my next trip.  Moving onward, the next project is cast on with hopes that the triple digit temperatures have moved onward for the year and even the current high afternoon heat will give way to daytime temperatures that complement the cool evenings.

Onward to something wooly and of a worsted weight.

Onward to cables and a center panel of lattice stitchery.

Onward to an Irish green tweed.

Yes, Onward.

The calendar says that it is squarely autumn time even though the daylight has not yet done the "fall back" thing.  I'm ready for a stretch of days - dare I pray for an entire week - of cool days, a bowl of soup and the flicker of a flame in the evening.   And this design is perfect for creating the mood associated with changing seasons.

I have to tell you that the photo is a bit misleading.  On the left side of the picture, above the knitting and below the bowl of yarn is a cable needle.  Funny thing that cable needle.  It is really just a security needle as I do not use the things.  I prefer to work all cables (well, maybe not when made of slippy sliddy yarn on the Addi lace points) sans additional needles.  Sure, using a cable needle is the way most of us were taught.  But I find that method to be slow, cumbersome and it breaks the rhythm of knitting.  

Emotionally, I am feeling better  just because of working on a heavier wool blend and creating cold weather patterns.  Realistically, it never gets cold enough for a traditional heavy sweater here in Riverside.  Being the wise woman that I am, this one will not have sleeves - a vest of many cables!


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