Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WIP - Fast & Furious

It does not feel as though my fingers are flying quickly.  Every now and then I sit and knit.  Already the front of the vest is nearing completion.

So much progress has been made that it actually looks like a garment.  I like that.  This combination of yarn and pattern is one of the best bits of luck I've had recently.  The subtle shading results in a casually muted stripe, but the tweed breaks it up.  The shades are most visible in the stockinette sections.

The pattern is one of those that works out well, is easy to memorize, and looks much more complicated that it actually is.  The cables and lattice are interesting to work without requiring huge amounts of concentration.  

I think that starting this wool vest has brought a bit of luck my way.  Nice cool evenings, foggy mornings and this afternoon the temp did not break 80.  Maybe the temperature is correlated to what I knit in the same way that rain correlates to getting my car washed.

It's a thought. . . .

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