Monday, October 24, 2011

Dark Edge to Autumn

The new black shawl made from Autumn is a more of a scarf than a true shawl.  My stitch count of the body matches the pattern perfectly with almost all of one skein used up.  And I've laid the lace edge against the body to judge how wide the "shawl" will be when the two parts are sewn together.  Definitely not of a depth that fits my definition of a shawl.

It is looking like the finished product will be more of a shaped scarf.  And that is perfectly fine because the yarn is the star - not the pattern.  Black yarn, dangling bits and a simple edging that hints at a repeating leaf.  That is what you should see in the photo.  Alas, black yarn is just black yarn and my skills to edit are not so great.

Forgive me for not sharing each stitch with you.  Already I am fretting the final photo.  Shall it be taken of the shawl/scarf elegantly and artistically tossed over a white shirt?  Or will a beige turtleneck show off the casualness better?  

These are weighty issues for sure.  Pondering the next blog post and photo can be distracting.  So distracting that Bert can feel ignored even when I sit with him to ponder the knit world.

Here is the man himself, wondering what I am wondering about.  Click on the photo to enlarge and follow the arrow to Bert's new blanket.  Of late, nothing for him has come from my needles.  Luckily, Bert has another lady in his life who  loves him enough to crochet new blankets. 

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  1. What cool yarn! I've never seen that before. I think I need to find some. Can't wait to see your finished scarf. :-)