Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Autumn

Quicker than the next project can be planned, the new shawl/scarf is complete.  The construction here is quite simple.

The body follows a typical pattern of increases at center back and each shoulder to make the piece hug the neck and shoulders.  This piece is only about eight inches in depth.

Then an edging is worked to match the total outer measurement of the body.  The most difficult part of this was sewing the edging to the body.

Black yarn is not my easiest endeavor these days.  

The yarn really makes the little shawl special.  All of those dangling bits add flair.

I thought I was being very swift by purchasing the yarn as soon as it arrived on Friday and returning to my yarn store just a few days later to share this sample of the yarn.  One weekend of sales and there were only three skeins remaining when I hung up this sample.

That should tell you how gorgeous this stuff is!

If you have not already, check out the color selection here.  And don't forget the free pattern that is available on the same page.

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