Monday, October 10, 2011

Fiesta Time

The weekend was filled with joy and merriment.  The greatest fun was visiting the Fiber Arts Fiesta down in Vista.   In the same location was a gem & mineral show and both events were free.  Free parking, free admission, free conversations, free knowledge.  Let's give a cheer for local independent entrepreneurs.   

Before enjoying the fiber folks, we visited the gem & mineral exhibitors.   That was quite fun because there was everything from unpolished natural minerals to gorgeous gems set in wrapped wire.  Beads, glass work, buttons....all manner of items that could embellish fiber art.  

Among the exhibits, with free knowledge, was the weaver's barn.  This area is filled with over fifty looms and is really a mini-museum. It is also the active workshop for area weavers.  Very fascinating, even though I know absolutely nothing about weaving.  

I did talk to a weaver who is laying out all of her warp and hand dying the string with sections of color that bleed from one to the next.  Very similar to much of the artisan yarns that we all love.  The resulting fabric is mind blowing!  Sorry, I forgot to get a photo, but do be on the lookout for this type of work.   

If you are into crochet, as is my daughter who was on this adventure, check out Ami Amour (on Ravelry she is all one word, no space) for critter patterns.  Whether you are into amigurumi or just need a plushie for the grandkids, her patterns will fit the bill.  And you can even find her work at her Etsy shop.  

And then there was Tino.  He is a regal alpaca who came to the fiesta with his family from Alpacas of Anza Valley.  We could have spent the entire afternoon visiting with Julie & Don Roy and learning all about alpacas.  Talk about a wealth of knowledge for this under informed lover of the yarn.  Alpacas are considered mild-tempered, gregarious animals with an inquisitive nature and would never be caught parading around in a Ronald McDonald wig.  (Out of context, that wig statement does not make any sense.   You had to be there.  Apparently llamas have no dignity and will wear said wig in a parade.)

Here is Tino and friends doing what comes natural to alpaca.  Herding up in a pack and being friendly to each other and their many human admirers.  After spending time with these guys, it makes me love the fiber even more.

And, apparently back at the farm of Julie & Don is a lovely lady named Ebony Rose.  She did not make the trip down for this fiesta.  But 6.2 oz of her did.  That's about 722 yards of lace weight black yarn from Ebony Rose.  And no, the yarn was not free.  But - - and here is the joy of visiting with local folks - - I did get an invitation to go meet Miss Ebony Rose up in Anza.  

I do think I'll call and find out when she is receiving worshipers.

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