Saturday, October 22, 2011

Seduced By The Dark Side

There I was, sitting amongst friends enjoying the chatter that is Designer Hand Knits, working merrily along on the green vest.  After all, the back which is composed of one hundred twenty bazillion rows of nothing but stockinette makes a fine diversion from the laughter and camaraderie of the shop.  Less than one week of work and the vest is 3/4 complete.  Not bad for a rank amateur!

Any way, we all heard it.  Yes, two tables of knitters all heard that sound that causes any yarnaholic to pause, set the needles aside and jump out of the chair with a speed unmatched by the launch of a rocket.  That one sound, which when it breaks into the merriment causes us all to stretch up, body at the ready and looking like a clan of meerkats posing for National Geographic.

What sound?  The slicing/yanking of the closure on a huge box.  DELIVERY TIME!  

Now, where did I put that green vest??


Color: black with stuffage (beads & dangling polyester leaves)

Content:  47% Acrylic, 44% cotton, 9% polyester

I do believe that I have found my Halloween Costume.  It should be ready a whole week early.

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