Friday, July 8, 2011

Closing The Loop

Let's close the loop on this post.    And close it we shall, in two distinct ways.  First, I owe you a finished project, which has been languishing beneath the ceiling fan hoping for enough coolness to prod me to weaving in the ends of this merino.  Second, the little neck scarf makes a loop of it's own.

Close the loop!     Some days I'm about a funny as spit in the wind.

Here it is all finished and looking for a chill in the air.  To me, this looks extremely out of place with the summer colors and short sleeves.  But then, earlier this week I saw a young thing wearing brown knee high boots, socks sticking out the top, a skirt, tank top and five miles a gauze twirled about her neck area in a sorely misguided attempt to hide her lack of undergarment from the world.

So, perhaps a few inches of skinny merino in not so unusual in this 100 degree heat. 

Pause, part deux

Pause, the third


Nope, can't do it.  Some days I might be on the verge of tragic.  But I'll not be consciously and tragically chic.  Not even this close to Hollyweird.

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