Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Sweet Sigh of AAHHH!

One hundred fifty-six stitches on each needle to start, heaps of patience, lots of breathing and caffeine,  about eighty-five inches of yarn and it all turned out equal!

There was a lot of joy here this morning when the last of the matching one hundred fifty-six stitches was grafted together.  Let me tell you straight out.  That's a whole heap of kitchener stitching.  A whole heap.  I am exhausted.  

But getting to the end and seeing those final stitches match up with no left over "oops" was a thrill.  I didn't even have to fake anything.  Does this mean that I have skill?

The skirt is nearing completion.  Click on this photo to enlarge the unblocked grafted seam.  There is a needle jammed in the stitches so that you can follow the seam.    Once blocked, I am certain that this will truly be an invisible join and the skirt stripes will be visually unbroken.  

Can I hear a Hallelujah!

In addition to the joy of a well grafted seam, I am pleased that I remembered to weave in ends as I knit this beauty.  Just look at these tails.  A simple snip and the underside will be a work of art without all that extra fiddly needle work.

Enough celebrating for now.  There are still one hundred eighty bazillion stitches to pick up around the waist and a casing to knit.

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