Monday, July 4, 2011

Ready for Summer Cleaning

Imagine my dismay and disbelief when, during the midst of laundering all things kitchen, I discovered a very definite lack of hand made cotton dishcloths.  Shocking!   I know.  For a bi-yarn artists such as I, neither a spare knit nor crochet dishcloth, could be found.  Given that only two were in the washing machine, this was sad news indeed.

So, as a Celebrate America activity, I made these:

 Both are, quite obviously crocheted in simple patterns.  This first one is a shell pattern that would be more effective in a solid color.  In person, it is interesting to see the color changes make subtle diagonal wanderings across the fabric.

This one also would look better in a solid color.  I had fun with this pattern because the tilted blocks are crochet on the side of a double crochet stitch.  Very fun - well, 'twas fun after I muttered the dreaded, "what?"

I love crocheted or knitted dish/wash/spa cloths.  So quick, so satisfying and so practical.  

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