Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Poem

Years ago, in a failed attempt to be  clever at words and somehow profit from it, I penned the following:

On how to spend my time
I pondered away an hour.
And having thus spent all my time
I pondered on where went the hour.

Such has been this week.  Life kept me occupied will all manner of things except updating you with a yarn or two.  The week included five meetings that required prep time, two lunches with friends, one knit group outing (Hi Joan, Brenda, et al) that required driving an hour each way, a long delayed trip to the big box to purchase big quantities of necessities including the chocolate covered acai/blueberry treats and weekly date night.  

This morning, needing a yarn about yarn to share, I crocheted this little puff from left over organic cotton.  It is either  a palm size puff for gently washing a face, baby or baby face or it is a holiday ornament.

The concept is very simple and reminds me of that old potato chip scarf.   There are a whole bunch of stitches on this and I have no idea how many.  My guess is over three hundred double crochet stitches on the final round.    But the final round is really just round two so there isn't much to making this.  

So - that is it for the week.  A very simple yarn about some yarn.

Hopefully my blogness next week will be more interesting.

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