Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Slice Of Color

All that is left to accomplish is to sew down the casing, insert elastic and voila!  I shall be stepping out in style.

The bias stripes of the skirt become flirty with the pop of the short row color wedges. I've been working on this skirt for quite a while, and now that the end is near, it has all been worth it.

Should you be inclined to cast on:

Interweave Knits Summer 2011 magazine  Swirl Skirt pattern by AnneLena Mattison

My version is made from Twisted Sisters Oasis in the Mink color (from my stash) and Plymouth Yarn Vita color 120 (purchased special for this skirt).  I really think that I like the Vita.  It is 85% recycled cotton with 15% recycled cashmere.  This sure feels nice while working it and never did dry my skin the way some cotton does.  

I have now knit three skirts.  Each is very different.  Each has been a test of patience - but no more so than seaming a sweater after the same amount of knitting.  Maybe that is the real difference and why I enjoy making skirts.  The first two that I made were top down and constructed in rounds which means no seams to make.  This one did require grafting but that was not too difficult.

So, the skirt saga ends with a swirl and a slice of color.  I like that.

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