Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fun Find...& a Product Review

A good gadget is a wonderful and fun addition to any life.  Indeed, my family enjoys a weekend stroll through "the gadget store."  (That's a family term, we know what it means.)  The love of gadgets extends into this yarn obsession.  Recently,  and even more fun unexpectedly, I discovered a new gadget for containing and protecting the circular needles.

What follows is a glowing product review and a link for spending money.  So, if you are saving up for enough qiviut yarn to make a winter sweater, stop reading.  You need every $5 you can put your hands on.

This metal tube is a circular Needle Keeper.  Many know the agony of sitting on the Harmony tips and cracking the smithereens out of them.  Never going to happen with this handy protector from One2Wow over on Etsy.

Go ahead and click over to read about Claudia's inspiration for this almost too simple gadget.    

FULL DISCLOSURE STATEMENT:  Claudia and I are both members of the same knitting guild and that is where I first discovered her inventiveness.  I was lucky enough to purchase my Needle Keeper in person.

For me, I worry about a wandering bird getting to the tips of my precious Addi lace needles.  That prompted my purchase.   Just look at that photo!  There is no way that Bert's beak can get to the good needles now.

All in all, a perfect $5 useful gadget.  For your self or for gifting.

Yes indeed, I love this One2Wow Needle Keeper.

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  1. This sounds like a great idea. I'm not quite sure how it works but maybe I'll get lucky enough to see it in person someday. I'm hoping to make it to the shop one of these days...and...hoping ya'll will be there so I can see everyone. I've cut back on driving because of the high gas prices. I think of you all often though. :-)