Sunday, July 24, 2011

No Special Tool Needed

Either a very simple bag or the first of a pair of fingerless mitts is on the hook.  I've not yet decided what I'm making.  I'll just be happy if this yarn makes a decision.  It has been ripped out so often that I'm sick of the color and still have nothing to show for all the work.

Currently, the incarnation is Tunisian Crochet across 35 stitches.  I don't own a Tunisian hook, so this is about the limit of how many stitches, in a DK weight, that fit across my regular hook.

You can see where the bigger bumpy part of my old hook stretches the stitches.  This does not seem to matter at all.  Of course I never put the hook down with just this first pass of the TSS completed.  I always make the return quickly so that only one loop is on the hook when I stop working.

If this wants to be for the hand, I'll just work until it stretches around my palm and then seam up the wrist and finger sections leaving an opening for the thumb.  That is surely the simplest of all fingerless mitts.  If it decides to become a small purse, I'll keep on working until it is an appropriate depth when folded and stop.  Then, a simple side gusset/handle/side gusset will fit in place to add width and a strap all in one.

This is a discontinued wool that I found down in the bottom of the secondary stash location.  As I stated earlier, it has been ripped out several times.  This is as close to "something" as I've gotten with the stuff.  I sure hope it speaks to me soon.  I'm tired of winding the ball!

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