Wednesday, May 5, 2010

When Friends Accept You

I am blessed to have a special group of friends who accept me - for the me I am.   As a team, we focus on the strengths of each other and work toward a common purpose.   Not a month goes by without  these inspirational folks teaching me something new and of value.  New is one thing.  We all need a bit of new now and again.  Ah - but new AND valuable is a treasure for sure.

Although several of these friends do in fact know an SSK from a K2tog, most have no clue about the mysteries that can be had from just manipulating the knit and the purl.  But they are a sneaky lot for certain.  Clearly there is a ring leader amongst them.   Someone lurked about on this blog and made secretive contact with my beloved Knit 'n Stitch and planned a huge surprise.  And, just to top it off, Linda and Sue at KNS never let on that something was in the works. 

Like a dream,  I was gifted a certificate that let me run wild through a yarn store!  Can you imagine? 

Look here:  two new Addi Turbo's, two new circs for hats, brand new Chibis that are not lost between the sofa cushions, a mimi yarn caddy, blocking wires with unbent t-pins, 1200+ yds of Berroco Vintage, 3 skeins of Mountain View Crazyfoot, a lovely hank of Mushishi and my very own copy of Loop-d-Loop for inspiration.

Oh my.  The eyes are still a bit misty.

Bert is also quite excited and clearly loves looking at the cover girls.

So, to my team members on the Board, thank you for accepting me - yarn and all.

Go check them out and learn about National Charity League: 

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  1. Lenora, what a lovely group of Friends you have. And, look at all your neat goodies! You are a very special person and most deserving of gifts of appreciation.