Thursday, May 20, 2010

What Is Missing?

Look carefully at this photo.  What is missing?  

Oh, I'll admit that when last washed, this did not hit the sock block, so the heel is warped.  But some days, I too am a bit warped.  So don't dwell on that little issue.

So what else is missing?  

Notice the well decreased toe.  That is quite fine.

An eagle eye might even marvel at the smooth right movement of that line of knit as it begins the gusset increase.  OK - that bit is probably hidden in the shadow of the folded heal - but give me a break here.

So what is missing?  Look at the shadow for a hint.  That's right.  Only one sock is casting a shadow. 

Sock # 2.  Where the bees wax is it?  That wretched panthadillo has absconded with not only the mate to this one, but also an entire pair (that is two.  two, I tell you.  two. ) of Monkey Socks.  For three mornings I have tossed an entire drawer to the winds.    I have moved laundry baskets searching for errant tosses.  Verily, I have done the laundry and put it all away.  No mate; no monkeys.

My life is a shambles.  I was wondering what next project will inspire me to cast on.  Any suggestions?

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