Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What They Do Teach in Knit School

We have all heard it, read it, seen it and forgotten about it.  That brilliant concept of preparing for easy seaming by slipping the first stitch!  Yes, they do teach this in knit school.  But how often do I remember to do it?  Rarely. 

Having such success with the shoulder picot points, me thought myself on a roll and it was time to continue on and seam the sides.   To guarantee more happy stitches, I went off to visit a friend for moral support.  After all, the seam on a dress is long.  Longer than a sweater.  And multiply all those rows times two makes for some long and boring stitching.  At least that is what I thought - thus the comfort of a friend.

And when I sat to stitch, there they were.  Slipped stitches.  Now, dear reader, I knew that I had actually remembered to slip the edge stitches.  Perhaps because this had become second nature on the making of Rae, that I'd not let it sink in how brilliant this advice actually is to this average knitter.  Brilliant!  Go slip some stitches at your next edge.

The entire seaming process - and here I'm talking and entire dress with two side seams - was over in a flash.  Quicker than I can seam two sleeves, the whole dress was completed.  And, to my eternal delight with my own skill at following rows, the chevron pattern lines up quite well indeed.

Oh, the joy and success to be had when one follows what they teach in knit school.

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