Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cardigan Fronts are Fast

The fronts of my new cardigan are moving very fast!  Almost too fast as you'll note that decreasing at the underarm is already progressing.   And given that the other front is also being worked at the same time, these will be finished toot sweet.
I am struggling with a name for this summer cardi.   The name Design 6: Linares just does not cut it at all.  Suggestions are welcome.    If it were earlier in the season, the name of this could become Digging for Spring.  That is simply because the holes are lined in rows as though waiting from someone to come along and plant seeds.  

Or perhaps the name could be Ladders of Success.  That also seems appropriate.  Another possibility is Something Softly This Way Comes - with apology for lifting that title from elsewhere.

Under any name or circumstance, I do like the simple lace columns.  Once blocked, this will look stunning.  The sleeves have the same lace running up the mid-line, so all in all this will have quite a feminine look.  Not my typical style at all.

But then, that is the point of this project.  Not my color way, not my style in patterning and totally not me.  Every now and again, it is important to branch out and try something new and atypical.  For it is only in stretching do we grow.  Only in learning to delight in the new  is one able to truly appreciate the different.  

I might be getting older, but I don't want to become a stick in the mud.  So, I keep refreshing the definition of "me."  Give it a try - - the results are enlightening.

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