Friday, April 23, 2010

Discontinued Yarn - WHY?

Why are yarns discontinued?  I suppose that fashion trends have much to do with it.  Or lack of sales.  Perhaps a dated color way spells sure demise.  But why?  I have very favorite yarns, now listed as discontinued,  stashed away for safe keeping from marauding yarn thieves. 

Oops, pardon me.  I meant to say friends who beg.  No,  that is not right either.  Oh, dear.  Who are those people?  Let me just indicate that some personal favorite fiber based items are carefully and securely placed in out of the way nooks so that I am not responsible for any friends drooling upon my clean floors.  There - now I have described the situation perfectly!

At any rate, this swath of lovely fluffiness is, sadly, discontinued.  I love the way it works up in the most simple of garter stitch diagonal scarf-ery.

Artful Yarns (JCA, Inc.) Broadway is a bulky soft yarn composed of acrylic, mohair, polyester, metallic something and nylon.  The color change is quite lovely and the bit of metallic whatever adds just a hint of glisten down amongst the mohair wisps.  This stuff will look stunning with the little black dress thing or add elegance to plain old down home jeans.    Too bad you can't rush out and acquire it for yourself.  That whole discontinued thing is an occasional pain.

I love it.  And, after this scarf is ready for wearing there will be a scant 50 grams left over and hidden away from drooling friends. 

PS - I went by a favorite LYS today to hide out and knit in peace.  What met me when I opened the door?  Masses and masses of knitters all trying to hide out and knit in peace.  There was an undecided lack of peace.  I had to fight for a seat!  At least they were at the store and not drooling about in my personal yarn stash. 

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