Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sock It To Me

Given that the Monkey socks are still AWOL, it seemed appropriate to cast on for a replacement pair.  Oh, sure.  Monkeying around again was a possibility.  The pattern works, is easy to remember, fits well and ups Cookie A's count on Ravelry. 

All of those are excellent reasons to repeat the experience.  After all, one good sock deserves another!  In more ways than one, too.  Alas, the Monkey was not on my back.  Thus, here are the latest - Sunrise socks from Wendy D. Johnson.  It is such a simple repeat that when reading the pattern for the first time all that one can think is, "That's it?  That's all?  Can't be?"  

But it is indeed so simple as to be fun and elegant and fast.  Very fast.   As I am typing, it is early afternoon of a holiday weekend and all I can say is ZOOM.  It is within the realm of possibility that the three mugs of coffee this morning and the shrimp salad for lunch impacted the speed of the needles, because the gusset, turn and flap have taken very little of the day.

The specifics:

Sunrise Socks - Wendy Knits link above
Smallest size on the trusty Addi lace needles
Size 1 - pattern wants a 0 - but I know my gauge and foot, so just go with the flow.
On Your Toes bamboo from Kertzer

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