Thursday, May 13, 2010

More About Cardigan Fronts

Panic not friends.   The front of the cardigan appears somewhat "not wide enough" for my wide enough parts.  This is a trick of photography and of the rest of the pattern.

Please note that, owing to the stockinette along the sides, this cotton rolls back a fair bit.  Actually, it rolls in three stitches on the left side (of photo here) and a fair amount on the right side (the side seam).  Plus, one must consider that there is ribbing to pick up along the front sides (left as presenting in said photo).  So, taken in total, a loss for the seam plus 1.5 inches of ribbing times two fronts equal plenty of give to go around what I have to go around.

Please, no more messages thinking that this will not fit my current state.  And - - don't forget that cotton, in the wearing and washing, does tend to stretch across the width which just happens to be exactly where I stretch across.

The end.

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